Gear Pumps


“EXCEL” Triplex Plunger Pumps are known their robust construction and fine functioning. The Triplex Plunger Pumps that we make available are extensively used for diverse applications in various industries. EXCEL Triplex Plunger pumps can be used to pressurize clear Water or Hydraulic Oils
Maximum Capacity: 160 GPM
Maximum Pressure: 2000 Bar
Pump Head: SS-304
Boiler feed
Spray Drier
Hydro Testing
Chemical Injection
High Pressure Homogenization
Dairy & Processing
Hydraulic Testing of cross country pipe lines 
Boiler Hydro-Test and Testing and pressure vessels 
High pressure cleaning of heat ex-changers 
Shop floor washing 
Fertilizer, acetic, nitric and other acids;
De-waxing oil and oil well equipment;
Drilling and repair of oil well;
Mounting for increase the oil pool recovery;
Loaded production line for manufacture of a ammonia, urea, melamine,
Feed the reagents under the high pressure;
Mounting of hydraulic metal cutting;
Feed pump for stream generators;
Hydraulic cleaning of boilers;
Emergency pumps for Nuclear Power Stations;
Mounting of hydraulic cleaning; Repair and hydrostatic test of pipe-line and hydraulic system; Sewage works;
Mining of mineral resources by hydraulic method; Dust suppression; Tunneling machine;
Mounting of milk homogenization and other food products;
Wet cleaning indoors and outdoors.
Good Finish 
Choice of Pump Materials 
Optional Provision of Trolley drive Arrangement
Optional Provision of VFD drive
Optional provision of Semi/Fully Automatic Control Panel 
Long Life Efficient Operations 
Industries where these pumps can be used:
Petroleum production and refining
Chemical and Petroleum chemistry Industry
Steel & Power Sectors
Engineering and Industrial and Common Services
Heat Power Industry and Metal-Working Industry 
Reverse Osmosis & Food Industry
Mining Industry
Agricultural Industry