Hydro-Test Pumps

Hydro Test Pumps

EXCEL” offers a wide range of High Pressure Plunger Pumps which includes simplex plunger, duplex plunger and triplex plunger pumps. All power ends of EXCEL high pressure plunger pumps are of splash lubricated types so as to get extended pump life and minimum wear and tear of moving components. Excel offers three piece liquid end for high pressure and easy maintenance. Our experience in pump industries enables us to select the right liquid head material and power end parts for longer pump life based on the application of pumping.


  • Maximum Test Pressure:1200 kg/cm2 (17,000 PSI)


  • Compact Design, Built-In Pressure Relief Valve, All combination of material is offered.
  • Made from First Grade export quality materials MS or SS Pump body parts, SS-304 Plungers with plungers
  • SS-304 NRV for extended life cycle. Wire braided A-1 quality pressure hose.
  • Supplied with Skid and/or Trolley with or without Suction Tank or Pump Cover to extend efficient workmanship and to add beauty to its outlook.
  • Ex-Stock or Early Delivery.

Material Selection

Manual Hydro-Test Pumps

Part NameStandard MaterialOptional Material
Pump Body MS or WCB SS-410,SS-304,SS-316
Piston SS-410 SS-304
Foot Valve Brass SS-304
Handle MS Fabricated SS Fabricated
Fulcrum MS SS
Gland Sealing Chevron Packing Chevron Packing
N.R.V SS-304 SS-316

Power-Driven Simplex/Duplex or Triplex Plunger Hydro-Test Pumps

Part NameStandard MaterialOptional Material
Pump Body Graded CI/MS SS-304,SS-316
Plunger SS-304 or SS-304 Carbide Coated SS-316 or SS-316 Ceramic Coated
Suction/Delivery Valve MS SS-304
Gland Nut Brass SS-304
Motor Rail Graded Cast Iron WCB
Crank Case Graded Cast Iron WCB
Gland Sealing Chevron Set Chevron Set with Graphoil Packing
N.R.V SS-304 SS-316

Common Parts For Manual & Power-Driven Hydro-Test Pumps

Part NameStandard MaterialOptional Material
Distributor Body MS SS-304, SS-316
Pressure Gauge 2.5” Dial, Glycerin filled 4” or 6” Dial, Glycerin filled
Hose Pipe 8.5 mm ID 3/8” BSP x ½”BSPF (Discharge) x 1.5 MTR Length 12 mm ID 3/8” BSP x ½”BSPF (Discharge) with custom required length


  • Valve Testing
  • Leakage Testing of copper pipes and tubes
  • Pressure test of boilers and heavy duty pressure vessels and parts subject to hydro test
  • Leakage Testing of engine heads
  • Leakage test of blow holes of small to heavy duty casted machine parts
  • Leakage testing of cylinders (PNG and LPG)
  • Leakage Testing of Hose Pipes
  • Leakage test of SS and MS material tubes and pipes
  • Leakage test of SS and MS material tubes and pipes
  • Feed pump for stream generators
  • High pressure cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Mounting of hydraulic metal cutting
  • Cross country pipeline and heavy water pipeline of large diameter pressure testing.

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