Triplex Plunger Pumps

Plunger Pumps

EXCEL” offers a widest range of Hydraulic Test Pumps that includes Manual Hydraulic Test Pumps and Motorized Hydraulic Test Pumps. Pumps offered are of either Single Plunger or Three Plunger Type. As per the need of industry standards we design and deliver best suited Hydraulic test pumps which assure a highly efficient performance. The huge range of ‘EXCEL’ Hydraulic Test Pumps are extensively used in varied industries and appreciated for their optimum performance and longer life.

Customise the pump based on your requirement with the help of our technical expertise

Choose from a range of high quality materials that suits your requirement

Highly functional  designed coupled with asthetic colours

Choose from a range of simplex, duplex and triplex plunger pumps

Simplex Plunger Pumps:

  • Maximum Pressure: 1200 bar
  • Flow Range: 1-15 lpm
  • Pump Speed: 300-750 spm
  • Maximum Power: 7.5 HP
  • Duplex Plunger Pumps:

  • Maximum Pressure: 200 bar
  • Flow Range: 2.5018 lpm
  • Pump Speed: 400-750 spm
  • Maximum Power: 2 HP
  • Triplex Plunger Pumps:

  • Maximum Pressure: 2800 bar
  • Flow Range: 9-615 lpm
  • Pump Speed: 100-750 spm
  • Maximum Power: 500 HP
  • Material Selection

    Part NameStandard MaterialOptional Material
    Plunger SS-304 SS-410 / SS-316
    Plunger Head WCB Cast N.A.
    Pump Body Single Plunger Pumps : MS Square Triplex Plunger Pumps : SS-304 Manual Test Pumps : MS upto 140 Bar, SS-410 upto 1000 Bar SS-304 Square or SS-316 Square SS-316 / SS-316L / WCB Manual Test Pumps : SS-304 Round
    Valve Body(Su+Del) Single Plunger Pumps : MS Square Triplex Plunger Pumps : SS-304 / CF-8M SS-304 SS-316 / SS-316L / WCB
    NRV SS-304 SS-316
    Pressure Gauge Glycerin Filled 2.5″ Dial upto 500 Kg/Cm2 4″ Dial > 500 Kg/Cm2 4″ Dial 6″ Dial
    Pressure Hose Spray Hose(<=100Kg/cm2, 1.5 mtr Length for Hydro-Test) Wire Braided (>100 Kg/cm2,1.5 mtr Length for Hydro-Test) Higher Length / End Connection NPT threaded Higher Length / End Connection NPT threaded
    Handle-Manual Test Pumps MS Fab MS Cast
    Fulcrum-Manual Test Pumps WCB NA
    Base Frame MS Fabricated C.I. / WCB Casted Base / SS


    • Dairy and Processing
    • Mounting of milk homogenization and other food products
    • High Pressure Homogenization
    • Cleaning of aircrafts
    • Cleaning of maintenance jobs
    • Boiler Hydro-test and pressure vessels
    • Water supply in Boiler feed
    • Hydraulic cleaning of boilers
    • Dechoking of heat exchangers, tube bundles, pipe
    • Cleaning of vessels, reactors, cooling towers and facilities
    • To remove residue chemical from boiler tubes, tanks, valves
    • Chemical Injections
    • Spray Drier
    • Feed and reagents under the high pressure
    • Transfer and high pressure supply of fertilizer, acetic, nitric and other acids.
    • Hydro testing of pipelines of larger diameters
    • Pipeline length up to few kilometers segment is hydro tested
    • Pumps of combination of various flow & pressure capacities available
    • Hydro testing of vessels, pipes, reactors, boilers
    • Cleaning heat exchangers, condensers, coolers
    • Cleaning vessels, reactors, autoclaves, tanks
    • Cleaning production and transportation equipment, machine parks, storage areas, contaminated flooring
    • Flushing Pipelines
    • Cleaning machinery, structural steelwork
    • Loaded production line for manufacture of ammonia, urea, melamine
    • Homogenization of milk juice & other foods & beverages
    • Cleaning crates, baking trays , machinery, tanks, pipes, boilers and heat exchangers
    • Cleaning conveyors, floors, distribution rollers, beet processing lines, feed lines
    • CO2 extraction from plants, i.e. aroma from spices, Lecitin from soja beans
    • Cutting fish, Cutting frozen foods, pastries etc.
    • Cleaning / de-coring casting molds, cast components, fine castings
    • De-coring cast aluminum parts such as motor blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, rear axle Sections
    • Feed pump for stream generators
    • High pressure cleaning of heat exchangers
    • Mounting of hydraulic metal cutting
    • Hydro testing in pipe-shop
    • General cleanup operations on dock doors and walls
    • General maintenance on dockyard machinery, pipe lines, plant and equipment
    • Sewer jet cleaning
    • Roads, divider & footpath cleaning
    • Buses, transport vehicles, compactors cleaning
    • Mining of mineral resources by hydraulic method, dust suppression and Tunneling Machine
    • Boiler hydraulic testing
    • Feed pump for stream generators
    • De-choking heat exchangers tubes, condensers tubes, boiler tubes
    • Internal and external cleaning of cooling towers
    • Cleaning machine shops, workshops, production and transportation equipment
    • Decontamination of tanks, pipes and machinery
    • Boiler feed pumps for small power plants and garbage incinerator plants
    • Power pack for hydraulic press
    • Removal of water scale, coke, hard carbons and polymers in heat exchangers
    • Hydraulic testing of pipe, tubes and tanks
    • Condensate feed into cracker process
    • High pressure pumps for charging accumulators
    • Water jet cleaning pipe work, sewers, filters, sieves vessels etc
    • Water jet cleaning/preparing structural profiles and various metal surfaces
    • Water jet cleaning heat exchangers
    • Cleaning natural stone walling
    • Water jet cleaning concrete paver machine, moulds, pipes, mixers, ready mix delivery trucks
    • Hydro testing of fire system pipes, plumbing and compressors
    • Repair and hydro static test of pipe-line and hydraulic system
    • Condenser tube cleaning
    • Fuelling machine supply
    • Hydro testing of valves & pipes
    • For handling emergencies at nuclear power stations
    • Injection of Methanol, Glycol, Reservoir water, Anti-corrosion fluid
    • Transfer of Chemical anti foaming and separating fluids Sea and wash water
    • Handling Non- flammable hydraulic fluid, Oil based hydraulic fluid, Process water
    • Hydro-testing of offshore pipelines
    • De-waxing oil and oil well equipment
    • Pipe line cleaning
    • Heat exchanger cleaning
    • Drilling and repair of oil well
    • Hydro-testing
    • Mounting for increase in oil pool recovery
    • Engineering, Industrial and common services
    • Hydro- test of castings and pressure vessels
    • Hydro-test of gas cylinders, valves, pipes, tubes and hose.
    • Wet cleaning indoors and outdoors

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