Rotary Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps

EXCEL” Rotary Gear Pumps made available by us are extensively used to transfer and high head delivery of oils & viscous liquids. Pumps are used only where liquids have inherent lubricating property. Available in various materials of construction, widely appreciated for delivering accurate, constant and repeatable flow, our Rotary Gear Pumps are suitable for continuous duty applications.

Customise the pump based on your requirement with the help of our technical expertise

Choose from a range of high quality materials that suits your requirement

Highly functional  designed coupled with asthetic colours

Mechanical Seal Type:

  • Maximum Capacity: 120 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure: 5 bar
  • Sizes Available: 1”/2″ & 4”
  • Long Couple Type:

  • Maximum Capacity: 120 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
  • Sizes Available: 1”/2″ & 4”
  • Mono-Block Version:

  • Maximum Capacity: 43 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure: 5 bar
  • Sizes Available: 1”/2″ & 1.1”/2″
  • High Pressure
    Gear Pumps:

  • Maximum Capacity: 53 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure: 35 bar
  • Sizes Available: 1” to 3”
  • Nitride Rotating Parts Gear Pumps:

  • Maximum Capacity: 33 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure: 12 bar
  • Sizes Available: 3” * 3”
  • Belt Drive
    Gear Pumps:

  • Maximum Capacity: 20 M3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure: 35 bar
  • Sizes Available: 3” & 4”
  • Maximum Speed: 400 RPM
  • Material Selection

    Part NameStandard MaterialOptional Material
    Body FG-220(Cast Iron) CF-8M (SS-316), Bronze
    Gears EN-8 EN-31, EN-36, SS-304 or SS-316
    Shaft EN-8 or EN-9, Harden & Ground SS-410, SS-304 or SS-316
    Bearings DU Bush Bearings or Bronze Needle Roller Bearings
    Relief Valve Built In MS Spring Loaded Built In, SS-304 or SS-316 Spring Loaded
    Casing Cover FG-220(Cast Iron) CF-8M (SS-316), Bronze
    Gasket Oil Paper 2 Micron Teflon Sheet
    Oil Seal Neoprene Buna-N
    Gland Sealing Graphite Asbestos Gland Packed PTFE or Graphoil Gland Packed
    Mechanical Seal Carbon Vs. Ceramic, Buna-N Rubb. Teflon Bellow
    Bracket (Flanged Type) FG-220(Cast Iron) CF-8M (SS-316), Bronze


    • Light Acid transfer
    • Liquid paste transfer
    • Transfer of domestic effluents
    • Lime Slurry transfer
    • Oil slurry Transfer
    • Resin Transfer
    • Ceramic Slurry transfer
    • Molasses transfer
    • Floral Concrete Transfer
    • Lube Oil transfer
    • Transfer of Al Hydroxile Gel
    • Acrylic emulsion transfer
    • Transferring coating mix
    • Viscous Liquid tranfer
    • Carbonate Transfer
    • Feed pump for stream generators
    • High pressure cleaning of heat exchangers
    • Mounting of hydraulic metal cutting
    • Precipitated calcium transfer
    • Sulphate transfer
    • Emulsion transfer
    • Magma transfer
    • Transfer of solvents
    • Explosive slurry transfer
    • Paper pulp transfer
    • Latex transfer
    • Paint transfer
    • Printing colour transfer
    • Power pack for hydraulic press
    • Tribasic transfer
    • Alkaline slurry transfer
    • Transfer of soap solutions
    • Transfer of detergent slurry
    • Transfer of sugar juice, instant tea, etc
    • Transfer of Lubricating Oil
    • Repair and hydro static test of pipe-line and hydraulic system
    • Condenser tube cleaning
    • Fuelling machine supply
    • Hydro testing of valves & pipes
    • For handling emergencies at nuclear power stations
    • Sizing paste transfer
    • Yeast transfer
    • Edible Oil transfer
    • Rice Barn oil transfer

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