Self Priming Mud Pumps

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EXCEL Self Priming Mud pumps are available in variety of materials like Cast Iron, Stainless Steel or CI/SS combination. Pumps from 1.5″ to 6″ offered for various pumping needs. Manufactured using the finest raw materials EXCEL Self Priming Centrifugal Mud Pumps are known for their impeccable functionality. The offered pumps are widely praised for their low energy consumption and easy installation, operation & maintenance. Further, their sturdiness and resistance to corrosion, render them a longer lifespan.

Customise the pump based on your requirement with the help of our technical expertise

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Highly functional  designed coupled with asthetic colours

Performance-Gland Design:

  • Maximum Capacity: 275 M3/Hr
  • Maximum Differential Head: 28 MTR
  • Maximum Solid Permissible: 46 mm
  • Suction Lift Capacity: 8 MTR
  • Pump Size: 1.5″ To 6″

Performance-Mechanical Seal Design:

  • Maximum Capacity: 75 M3/Hr
  • Total Differential Head: 35 MTR
  • Maximum Solid Permissible: 24 mm
  • Suction Lift Capacity: 8 MTR
  • Sizes Available: 1.1/4” To 3”

Material Selection

Part NameStandard MaterialOptional Material
Volute/Pump Body: FG-260(Cast Iron) FG-220(Cast Iron)
Impeller: Cast Iron 85/5/5/5 Bronze, CF-8(SS-304) CF-8M (SS-316)
Shaft EN-8 SS-316
Shaft Sleeve: SS-410 SS-316
Gland Sealing: Graphite Asbestos PTFE
Bearing Housing: FG-220(Cast Iron) FG-220(Cast Iron)
Bracket: FG-220(Cast Iron) CF-8M (SS-316)


  • Scale Removing of Acid Spray
  • Corrosive Light Acid Transfer
  • Drain Water Management
  • Removing muddy water
  • Removing dirty water from pits
  • Removing Storm Water
  • Waste Water Management
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Ground Water Disposal
  • Removing mud clogged in pits

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